E Numbers: The Good, The Bad, The Facts...
Food additives, also known as 'E numbers', are in nearly all foods and drinks, and it helps to know something about them, to see if they are things to embrace or avoid. Written by people with knowledge in the field, ExploreENumbers can help to find a way around the maze that is E numbers.
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Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Should We Avoid an E-number Free Diet?, Does E631 Use Extracted Pig's...
Avoiding E Numbers
Avoiding E Numbers: Choosing Snacks and Drinks Without E Numbers, Children's Food That's...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Why We Chose to Avoid E-numbers: A Case Study, Bringing Up a Baby on...
Diet & Health
Diet & Health: E Numbers with Animal Origins, Research into E Numbers, Avoiding E...
E Number Basics
E Number Basics: The Rise of Natural Colours, The FSA's Recommendations For 2009, Are...
E Numbers Revealed
E Numbers Revealed: E300 - E399 Antioxidants and Acidity Regulators, E400 - E499...
Role of E Numbers
Role of E Numbers: Flavour Enhancers and Flavourings and Their Role, The Role of...
Latest Comments
  • ExploreENumbers
    Re: Complete List of ENumbers
    @TC. The only real way to find an answer to this would be via an allergy test or similar. Your GP will be able to give you more advice…
    4 March 2015
  • ExploreENumbers
    Re: Top E Numbers to Avoid
    @Jay. We don't have any information on studies relating to pets unfortunately.
    12 February 2015
  • Jay
    Re: Top E Numbers to Avoid
    i need help regarding any studies or personal experience of having the negative effects of any E numbers on the health of pets like cats…
    9 February 2015
  • Bittu
    Re: E Numbers Not Suitable for Vegetarians
    Please Tell me code E-(635) is Vegetarian/nonvegetarian
    6 September 2014
  • subi
    Re: Dangers and Side Effects of E Numbers
    9805515151 Tell me wat is the effect of this no in my life?
    9 August 2014
  • ExploreENumbers
    Re: Complete List of ENumbers
    @mohammed. All ingredients do have to be on the label of most food products now.
    11 July 2014
  • mohammed
    Re: Complete List of ENumbers
    I think that it is absolutely necessary that the origin of each e number (plant , animal or insect ) be clearly indicated on each…
    11 July 2014
  • Pete
    Re: Top E Numbers to Avoid
    After drinking diet lemonade lI found that it made my skin itch on the lower legs.I stopped drinking it to see if it was something else…
    3 January 2014
  • Pat
    Re: Complete List of ENumbers
    When l first came across e numbers it was in squash,l was lead to believe high numbers are the ones to avoid.looking at the lists you…
    17 October 2013
  • anne
    Re: Dangers and Side Effects of E Numbers
    hi wondered if it was possible for e numbers to affect a childs behaviour my daughter is 2 and has a really bad temper…
    10 September 2013
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